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Mistress Anya

Are you ready to submit?



I am a professional dominatrix living and working in New York City with dedicated pets around the world. I'm equal parts Evil Pin Up and Mad Scientist. A perfect blend of Vampira and Bettie Page.

A Female Dominant who luxuriates in the thought of controlling others for Her pleasure. 


As a natural Sadist and Dominant,

I discovered very early that while delivering severe punishment brought Me intense pleasure, the most delicious weapon in My arsenal of cruelty was delicacy. If the path to Hell is paved with good intentions, a skillful and delicate hand is the surest route to exquisite torture. Unbridled force may be thrilling but relentless precision is exhilarating.

I prefer to get up close, purring into your ear so I can watch your face as you realize I won't stop until I am sated. 

And maybe not even then.



I am driven by the need to dominate you. I feed off of your submission. Your sweat. Your widened eyes. Your rapid pulse because you aren't sure what will happen next. Your only wish, to be My obedient pet. 

My perfect sissy.

My bound captive.

My toy.

My plaything. 


Let's see if you deserve to be My new toy.





-At least 48 hours advance notice is required for all bookings. 

-Same day appointments made possible ONLY for existing clients and even then they are subject to availability!

-New clients are required to provide a deposit in order to secure booking.

-Any cancellations must occur NO LATER THAN 48hrs PRIOR TO SESSION or deposit shall not eligible for refund. 



** Duos and Phone sessions available upon request!** 

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